Boy who nearly drowned reunited with women who saved his life

A Kyle boy who nearly drowned met the women who saved his life.

9-year-old Benny Crowe was swimming at Blue Hole Park in Georgetown when he went under.

"It's a little emotional still so i apologize for crying," said mom Liz Crowe.

The last time Liz Crowe was in Georgetown, her 9-year-old son Benny almost drowned.

He was playing in the water at Blue Hole Park when he suddenly went under.

"Andrew, his big brother, tried to pull him out himself at first and just got him up above water just enough to get a big breath of air and then he got sucked back under. He started screaming for help and so I ran not quite sure what was going on," said Crowe.

Killen teachers, Melissa Ochoa and Shene Robison, were nearby and heard Andrew's cries.

"We both just kind of dove in and went to work. I can't tell you what happened or who was where. It was very surreal," said Melissa Ochoa.

City officials say Benny became pinned under the water because someone removed one of the grates from the dam. "I jumped off the wall and crawled into the hole and started trying to push him up so in doing so I was able to, I think, stop the flow of the water enough and we were able to push him," said Crowe. "He was blue and unconscious and I thought I was going to have to do CPR on my own kid but he started coughing and screaming which was the best sound I think any of us could've heard."

Crowe says tests showed Benny did not have any water in his lungs.

He escaped with only scrapes and bruises.

Crowe posted the story on Facebook. Friends of Melissa and Shene saw it, allowing the women to re-connect.

On Wednesday, Crowe got to thank them face to face. "In a society where people video tape instead of jump in and help... These two women got in and helped me and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to get him out of that hole by myself," said Crowe.

Georgetown Fire Chief Clay Shell presented awards of recognition to all involved.

Even Benny got a certificate.

Seeing his smiling face was just the happy ending Melissa and Shene had hoped for. "Best ever," said Ochoa. "Cold chills. It's awesome," said Robison. "Our family can never thank them enough for their help that day," said Crowe. "So now we have friends for the rest of their life."

City leaders feel the grate was removed on purpose.

They say it is so heavy that it took two city workers to lift it. It is now bolted back in place.

If you have any information about what may have happened to the grate, call Georgetown police.