Burnet police receive donation for body cameras

Police in Burnet are getting a new tool to keep themselves and the streets safe. This week officers will start wearing body cameras and it's all thanks to a generous donation.

Every time an officer passes by Stella Pelej notices and is impressed.

"I love being in Burnet and the visibility of the police," said Pelej. So Pelej decided to reach out to Chief Paul Nelson.

"I said I think I'm going to talk to the chief and see if he has any projects coming up," said Pelej.

"She wanted to donate and honestly we've never really had anyone donate to us so it was kind of new," said Chief Nelson.

The two discussed personal body cameras and how Nelson planned to go to city leaders requesting the money for the high tech gear.

"This is exactly what I'd like to do would you allow me to pick up the first year's cost," said Pelej.

Nelson was shocked and surprised. Before long he had a $4,000 check in his hands for the equipment. Last week the gear arrived in Burnet and 17 officers will be equipped with an extra set of eyes and ears on the streets.

The video is clear and so is the audio. Officers can quickly upload what has been recorded and use it for evidence in a case.

"It protects them to make sure the truth is the true action," said Pelej who has watched tense situations in other cities unfold recently.

"The video doesn't lie. It can see how things started, progressed and ended and you don't get that without the camera," said Nelson. The chief knows the cameras will help with transparency and accountability. Pelej hopes her gift inspires others.

"It's something I wanted to do to show my appreciation for the police force," she said. "I love it. I'm on a good team."