Busiest holiday travel season gets underway

More Texans than ever are expected to travel for the holidays this year. Some have already headed out of town but many are just getting ready to leave today.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is normally busy, with around 24,000 passengers going through everyday but that's expected to increase to about 26,000 during the holiday season.

AAA estimates that one third of all Americans will be traveling over the next few days.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time if you're heading to the airport. You can get tips from TSA and a look at if your flight is delayed here.

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful but it's all worth it when passengers reach their destination.

The Reid family drove in from Kileen to welcome home their daughter Dana. Dana was inspired to join the army just like her parents. She hasn't been in the Lone Star State since August.

"I miss it so much I love Texas, I miss it," said Reid."Just spending time with my family..I love home cook meals it's been a long time since I had one."

One-year-old Michael Alcaraz welcomed his uncle Christian Sanchez home with open arms. 

"I do feel lucky that I do get this opportunity and you know there are troops out there who are still out there fighting and don't get to be with their family this holiday season and really they're the ones who are doing the hard work," Sanchez said.

After four months in Virginia, the rest if Christian Sanchez's family is in for a surprise this Christmas.  

"Everyone was kind of down during Thanksgiving just because he didn't get to come home and they didn't know if he was coming for Christmas because wit the Army you never know when you're coming home," said stephen Alcaraz, Christian's older brother.