Busy No-Refusal Weekend for APD

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Austin Police instituted a no refusal initiative during SXSW this year.

Anyone suspected of driving drunk who refused a breathalyzer was forced by court order to give a blood or breath sample.

In all, 61 people were arrested for DWI from Thursday night until early Sunday morning.

One such driver was arrested for DWI after a Texas DPS officer observed a vehicle turn the wrong way onto San Jacinto. The Green SUV went down the one way street bypassing barricades in a lane that was closed for traffic. 22-year-old Heather Ortega was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with Driving While Intoxicated.

On the same night another vehicle was observed traveling 17 miles over the posted limit.  Gisela Triana was arrested and charged with DWI.  The officer reported a strong alcoholic beverage odor.  The officer also reported that the, "Subject had a empty bottle of Mike's hard lemonade in the center console."  Triana admitted to having 4 drinks, two while at the Jimmy Kemmel show and two a Zaks.

Bail was set for $2,500 for both women.