Butler Shores no longer an option for 'Columbus Crew' stadium

Major League Soccer in Austin may have just suffered a "Major League" setback.

The location the Columbus Crew really wanted to build a stadium on drew so much public outcry team-owner Anthony Precourt of Precourt Sports Ventures has decided that spot is no longer an option.

Butler Shores is right behind the Zack Theater. There are ball fields there home to the oldest little league in Texas. The little league didn't want it there, Council Member Ann Kitchen didn't want it there, neighborhood groups didn't want it there.

So today the team announced they are no longer exploring that location due to the outcry but they're continuing to look at other spots. Those other spots identified by the city a couple of months ago include sites like McKalla place in north Austin near the Domain and Roy Guerrero Park in East Austin. We spoke with Council Member Pio Renteria yesterday and he's actually in favor of having the discussion about putting the stadium at Guerrero as long as it doesn't interfere with Krieg Fields.

He says there is severe erosion in Guerrero with no money to fix it.

"If they can come in and look at it and say 'yeah it would be a good place to have it and this is what they we could do for you to stop the erosion and fix it up' that might be a win-win for our community especially in my district which has...we have a lot of people that support soccer in my area," Renteria said.

Precourt representatives have already said the Travis County Expo Center won't work for them and neither will the old Home Depot on I-35. Both of those sites were on the City's list.