Campaign continues to save dog set to be euthanized

A lab mix in Travis County is making nationwide headlines after he was ordered to be euthanized by a local judge. Neville the dog bit a two-year-old child at Austin Pets Alive! but more than 150,000 people have signed a petition to save the dog’s life.

The child needed 16 stitches after Neville bit him in the face.

The staff at Austin Pets Alive! says the family was told not to put their toddler down because Neville and other dogs were running around.

Staff members say the parents put the child down anyway and the child approached Neville allegedly in a way that frightened the dog and that’s when Neville bit the child. A full statement about the incident from APA can be found on their website here.

Prior to this incident, Neville reportedly had not shown aggression. Still a municipal judge ordered Neville dangerous and Neville is scheduled to be euthanized October 17th.

Austin Pets Alive! and others not associated APA are using social media and websites like to petition the judge to reverse his decision.

As of this morning, there are nearly 150,000 signatures on the petition from people who want to save Neville.

Austin Pets Alive hopes that all the signatures, plus an attorney, will convince the judge to overturn his decision and allow Neville to be adopted outside of Travis County.