Canadian man reunited with his dog 4 years after he went missing

Never lose hope, and it might just pay off! At least it did for one man in the Canadian province of Ontario. 

Mike Plas says he got the greatest phone call of his life on the afternoon of September 20. It was from an animal shelter in Winnipeg.

The shelter asked Mike his name and if he had a dog named Jack. Mike told the shelter that he had lost Jack four years ago in Thunder Bay, Ontario. And to his surprise, the shelter said they got Mike's information off a microchip in a lost dog they had found.

So Mike, his girlfriend, sister, and her husband hopped in the car and made the 400-plus-mile trek to Centennial Animal Shelter in Winnipeg, Manitoba from Kakabeka Falls, Ontario. 

He arrived at the shelter the next day, told them who he was and showed them a picture of Jack. It was a match!

Then, the sweetest reunion took place, between a man and his long lost best friend! Mike said as soon as they brought Jack out to him, his life instantly felt back to normal.

"Life without him has never been the same and the feeling of having Jacko back is unexplainable," said Mike Plas in a Facebook post. "Never ever lose hope, I didn't and after four years apart in different provinces we are together again."

In a Facebook post, Centennial Animal Shelter said it was one of the most touching moments staff had experienced. 

Mike expressed his gratitude to everyone who made what seemed like the impossible, possible!