Cargo ship anchored in San Francisco Bay after crew members test positive for COVID

Several crew members were removed from a cargo ship and transported to San Francisco hospitals Monday afternoon after a number of them tested positive for COVID-19, officials confirmed.

Authorities said there were a total of 21 crew members on board the Global Striker, a bulk carrier ship, and that 19 of them tested positive Saturday night. Some of them were symptomatic. 

At around 1:20 p.m., San Francisco Fire Department used one of its boats on Monday to retrieve the infected crew members. They were brought to Pier 26 where they received a medical evaluation. 

Fire officials said six of them, who tested positive for COVID, requested medical attention and were transported to three hospitals in the city with mild flu-like COVID symptoms.

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The ship arrived in the Bay Area on Friday.

The remaining crew members will quarantine on the Global Striker, anchored just south of the Bay Bridge. The ship is Japanese owned and managed by South Korea.