Cars "likely totaled" following flooding at Pointe San Marcos

Wednesday morning thunderstorms left several cars underwater at an off-campus student apartment complex at Texas State University. Students who parked on the bottom floor of the garage at Pointe San Marcos were shocked to find water almost covering their vehicles. 

“I ran and saw my car, I started crying and started panicking because, I mean, that’s my baby,” said Andrea Morales whose car was completely flooded. 

“The water just really broke the window and so I have water inside my car,” said Yahaira Damian who also found her car underwater.  

Some students tell us their cars were recently fixed. Another said her vehicle was fairly new. 

“I actually just got it in August of last year, it’s a 2015,” Morales said.  

None of them know if the water damage will be fixable. 

“My car is completely dead and I tried to unlock it, but it’s done,” said Morales.  

“Just kind of seeing how bad this damage truly is, none of these vehicles will probably ever be able to work again,” said  Will Malley who lives at Pointe San Marcos. 

The unexpected roadblock caused other problems as well. One student said she called car rental companies, but there were no vehicles available. 

“I missed class. I can’t go to work. I had to call in,” Morales said. 

The apartment complex manager said they hired a crew to help pump the water out of the garage. 

As for Students, they said from now on they will think twice about where they park. 

“I just never imagined it would be my car,” said Morales.  

Students said the complex told them they will help cover damages.

The complex manager tells FOX 7 that they are assessing the damage and determining next steps. 



Students from Texas State University who live at the Pointe San Marcos told Jennifer Kendall with FOX 7 that their vehicles are "likely totaled" following extensive flooding in the basement of the apartment complex's parking garage. There is a crew reportedly on scene helping to vacuum out the water. 

The steady rainfall throughout the day caused traffic delays and damage throughout Central Texas.



In a video shared on Twitter, several cars can be seen underwater. Several students told Jennifer Kendall that their cars were fairly new, under two years old in some cases. 


This is a developing story and will be updated with more information as it becomes available.