Cat has leg amputated after taking bullet, says Austin Humane Society

A small cat’s big story has a happy ending thanks to volunteers and staff at the Austin Humane Society.

The female domestic short-hair, about a year old, was found on the street and brought in to be spayed through the shelter’s Community Cats Program last week.

"Our team noticed that there was something going on with her leg," said Sarah Hammel, director of communications for AHS. "They did X-rays and basically figured out that it looked like she had at some point been shot at."

The cat they named Charm, all of four pounds, had taken a bullet. The bone had shattered, but the wound had healed over with the bullet fragment still inside. 

"We consulted with an orthopedic surgeon that we work with, and he basically said, ‘This is not fixable. The break is so bad that amputation would be the best course of action for her,'" said Hammel. "Our vets did the amputation a couple of days ago, and now she is healing in her foster home."

When FOX 7 stopped by the foster home on Wednesday, Charm was a little timid but very sweet and accepting of head rubs.

Photo courtesy: Austin Humane Society

"The foster said she can tell that (Charm) really survived something, because she's kind of like got her head on a swivel, always looking for a hiding place, but will also curl up right on your lap and just chill with you," said Hammel. 

Charm is still in need of a permanent home once she has spent some time recovering at the foster home. Those interested can contact the Austin Humane Society.

For those interested in donating to the shelter to help cover Charm’s medical expenses, and those of other cats and dogs, click here.