Cedar Creek High School student captures funnel cloud on video

In Bastrop County, Cedar Creek High School students watched from their classroom windows as a funnel cloud swirled nearby Tuesday.

Sophomore Chris Meuth shot video of the dark funnel cloud around 11 a.m. He says he was looking out the window of his classroom.

The funnel cloud did not ever appear to touch down. The national weather service will come out to verify.

Sophomore Tegan Stanford also saw it.

"I just came into class and someone said there was a tornado and I look out the window and the billboard over there I saw it go from the left of it swirling to the right," she described.

Stanford says she was too shaken to think to grab her phone to take any photos.

"I was terrified because that was the first time I've ever seen a tornado," she said.

According to Bastrop ISD teachers were told to keep students indoors as officials monitored the weather.

Stanford says continuously checked Twitter for updates. After having seen the tornado in Giddings, she was thankful the campus was unharmed.

"I was really glad it didn't touch down over here," she said.