Cedar fever season affecting Austin athletes who train outside

As cedar fever season continues in Central Texas, many people are feeling the symptoms, including those who train outside like marathon runners.

With a big race coming up in Austin, a local coach says her athletes are suffering.

Amber Reber is a marathon trainer for a business she owns called Rise Runner. She's been running since middle school, ran in high school, and at the University of Texas, so she's no stranger to cedar fever.

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Since cedar fever hit harder this week, some of her athletes have taken a step back from training.

“Occasionally we have some athletes that have to miss practice or take a couple of days off due to the cedar and the overall impact of the body you're more fatigued and the immune system seems to be run down," Reber said.

Dr. Lieberman with Austin Family Allergy and Asthma tells us rain is the most helpful thing Austinites can hope for, and if you suffer from allergies severely, you should dose up on meds every day like a nasal spray and antihistamines and continue it through the end of the month.

“Majority of them kind of push through and they're doing home remedies and wearing a scarf or running buff that you can pull up over your face. That can help with cutting down breathing in the pollen,” Reber said.

She says cross-training indoors like swimming or biking is a great alternative but most of them try to fight through it.