Cedar Park man found guilty, sentenced to 45 years in prison for 2021 shooting

On Wednesday, a Williamson County jury found 33-year-old Hector De Jesus Villatoro-Guevara guilty of murder in the shooting death of 30-year-old Cameron Wilcox in front of Wilcox's home in Cedar Park. The same jury sentenced Villatoro-Guevara to 45 years in prison on Thursday.

The fatal shooting occurred following a confrontation at a grocery store on July 7. 2021.

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Villatoro-Guevara was shopping with his two young daughters, ages six and four. Video footage from the H-E-B showed Villatoro-Guevara encountering the girls' mother and her new boyfriend, Cameron Wilcox, while in the checkout line.

In the video, Villatoro-Guevara confronted Wilcox with raised fists while inside the grocery store.

Villatoro-Guevara then followed the mother of his children and Wilcox home.

According to witnesses, Villatoro-Guevara parked at the end of the driveway, retrieved a handgun from the backseat and opened a closed gate to enter the driveway.

With his daughters looking on, Villatoro-Guevara fired two shots into the air and then shot Wilcox multiple times in broad daylight. Wilcox was unarmed and died at the scene.

The defense claimed that Villatoro-Guevara acted in self-defense, but the jury rejected this argument and returned the guilty verdict after deliberating for only 30 minutes.

"This case is a tragic example of how a disagreement or argument can escalate into a deadly confrontation when a gun is involved," Williamson County district attorney Shawn Dick said. "We are pleased that justice has been served for Cameron Wilcox and his family. My office will continue to seek justice for the victims of senseless gun violence within our community."