Cedar Park police need help identifying sexual assault suspect

Cedar Park Police say a woman was sexually assaulted while on a morning run in the 100 block of South Gadwall.

The suspect remains at large.

Cedar Park detectives says they believe a woman was running on the sidewalk in the neighborhood when she was grabbed from behind, forced to the ground and sexually assaulted.

The description for the suspect is as follows:

  • Male
  • 5'10" or 5'11"
  • Stocky build
  • Last seen wearing t-shirt and shorts

"It's very uncomfortable. It's frustrating because where a safe neighborhood, so for this to happen it's very devastating," said neighbor Lori Burdick.

Lori Burdick runs the same sidewalks that police say a woman was using when she was attacked.

"It just causes a lot of concern for people that are out and about. We are a very active community," said Burdick.

CPPD says it is applying every available resource to gather evidence and identify the person responsible but needs the public help to move forward.

If you have information about the identity of the suspect or have seen any suspicious behavior in the area where the sex assault occurred, you're asked to call Cedar Park police at (512) 260-4762.

You can also send tips anonymously using the tip411 feature on the Cedar Park Police Department's Facebook page or by downloading the CPPD Tips app to your phone.

Police urge the public to be aware of surroundings when using public roads and hike and bike trails. Some basic tips include:

  • Have your phone with you
  • Run with a buddy or dog
  • Don't run with earphones
  • Run in daylight hours
  • Alter your routes
  • Carry pepper spray or noisemaker