Central Texans head east to help Hurricane Matthew victims

Central Texans are now staging in Florida to help storm victims. From food to power volunteers have got it covered.

On Friday morning Salvation Army volunteers in Taylor stocked their food truck. They are on standby to head to Florida.

"We can cook 750 meals a day out of our truck,” said volunteer Bruce Peterson.

Volunteer Bruce Peterson says they just returned from helping flood victims in Louisiana.

"It's hard work, but it's very satisfying. The people are so appreciative. It's more of a blessing for us to help the people than it is for anything else,” said Peterson.

In East Austin the Red Cross is preparing for deployment. If called upon their truck will be used on feeding routes in hard hit neighborhoods.

"People will just pull up. We actually have a serving window,” said Kiley Davis, senior disaster program manager. "We just open it up. That's how we can talk to the public. Tell them what they're going to receive from us. How they can receive future help."

Restoring power will be another major need as one million are currently without. Pike Electric in Creedmoor began sending crews on Tuesday.

"We sent a total of 10 crews out of Austin that are normally working in this area. Out of Texas as a whole we've sent 20 crews which is a total of 100 men,” said Operations Vice President Stacey Nobles.

The men are staging in Orlando so they will be ready to help as soon as it's safe.

"We're very glad to go do it. Obviously it's a mixed bag because someone is suffering or we wouldn't be called upon. It is also gratifying for the men. They enjoy what they do. They are very professional about it. The folks there on sight once we begin to arrive and get their power turned back on. The citizens bring out water, food lemonade, they're just so happy to have everybody back,” said Nobles.