Central Texans pay tribute to 13 Americans killed in Afghanistan

Central Texans paid tribute over the weekend to the 13 Americans killed in a terrorist attack in Afghanistan in August.

The special memorial took place on October 2 on Lake Travis just off Emerald Point.

Organizers arranged 13 boats, each flying American flags, to honor the service members who died in the attack at Kabul's airport.

A table was also reserved at the Emerald Point Bar and Grill with 13 empty seats to remember the fallen.

Spectators paused to pay their respects from the shore, on the water, and even from high above in a helicopter.

Kami Irwin, who helped put the event together, says the support she received was overwhelming, especially from local veterans.

"I personally have never served. I'm just a patriotic individual," Irwin said. "Having all my buddies behind me, the people that are here, the people that are no longer with us. This just means so much that we were able to pull it off."

Several businesses and other made contributions to help with the memorial.

Organizers say any extra money raised will help benefit a military foundation.


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