Central Texas customers avoid water shut off

Some Central Texas water customers are relieved to know their water will not be cut off on Saturday. While they have paid their bills the company is late paying for the water according to the West Travis County Public Utility Agency.

"Daily we use it for everything like washing dishes, clothes and to shower," said Cristina Jesurun who has lived in Deer Creek Ranch for 12 years.

Each month she pays for what she uses.

"It's pretty frustrating to know we're paying our bill and they aren't," said Jesurun. She learned that her water may be shut off on February 28th because Deer Creek Ranch Water Company failed to pay its bills.

"I'm just trying to remain calm so we can think this through," she said.

"The bottom line is they haven't paid their water bill to the PUA," said Don Raushuber who is the general manager of the WTCPUA. "They have been in default on payment to the PUA for the last eight months and that total is about $108,000," explained Rauschuber.

WTCPUA pumps and transports water for Deer Creek Ranch and operate under a contract. Thursday Rauschuber received a call from the company letting them know they would pay the deficit by Friday. An attorney for the company confirmed this to FOX 7.

The news is welcome to customers like Jesurun who didn't want to go without the precious commodity.

"We have to have it and can't do without it," she said.