Central Texas Food Bank expands grocery home delivery program

The Central Texas Food Bank has expanded its home delivery program to now include individuals with a disability, veterans, and active military members experiencing barriers to attending in-person food distributions. 

The program, executed in partnership with the Austin Public Health Neighborhood Services Unit and Amazon, began on June 1 of this year to provide monthly home delivery of a box of healthy, shelf-stable groceries to families with children and adults 60+ in Travis County.

CTFB says all groceries are free, and Amazon donates free delivery services through their network of Amazon delivery service partners, who make safe, contactless deliveries directly to participants’ homes. Austin Public Health provides caseload management, screening, and enrollment. 

CTFB says the program's goal is to serve more people in need by increasing the accessibility of food assistance for underserved households. Once enrolled, participants will receive a recurring monthly food box with approximately 30 pounds of groceries such as oatmeal, pasta, corn flour, dried beans, canned protein, and canned fruits and vegetables.

The service delivers a box with enough food for 25 meals. To date, the program has delivered more than 23,000 meals.

The program recently added a second delivery day each week and is currently making deliveries on the first, second, third, and fourth Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each month. Participants can choose to un-enroll in the program at any time. 

For those in need of food assistance who do not qualify for this program, the Food Bank has a proxy policy, which allows clients to send someone to pick up food on their behalf directly from the pantry.

To determine eligibility and/or enroll in the program, click here or contact the nearest Neighborhood Center from the following list:

  • Rosewood Zaragosa Neighborhood Center: 2800 Webberville Road, 512-972-6740
  • South Austin Neighborhood Center: 2508 Durwood Street, 512-972-6840
  • St. John Community Center: 7500 Blessing Avenue, 512-972-5159
  • East Austin Neighborhood Center: 211 Comal Street, 512-972-6650
  • Montopolis Community Center: 1200 Montopolis Drive, 512-972-6705
  • Blackland Neighborhood Center:2005 Salina Street, 512-972-5790

For more information on the Food Bank and its programs, click here.

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