Central Texas school board meetings plagued with disruptions

School board meetings across Central Texas continue are being plagued with disruptions. 

Round Rock Independent School District even had to cut a meeting short due to frequent outbursts from the community. 

"When I ran in 2018 we were talking about bonds, we were talking about kids in schools things like that. It was not any of this," said Amy Weir the Round Rock ISD School Board President.

FOX 7 Austin spoke to Weir about the chaotic atmosphere taking place at RRISD meetings. 

"They’re causing the board in our district a lot of problems. We’re not focused on our students right now we have a year and a half of learning loss and we have not been able to have a single meeting to talk about our students and talk about where they are," Weir says.

At RRISD board meetings, discussions on school district issues are having to be put on hold. 

During Tuesday’s meeting, the board chose to end the meeting early due to all the commotion and will continue at a later meeting, something which hasn’t been done before. 

"There’s not a single classroom at Round Rock ISD where that behavior would’ve been allowed. No teacher would allow that, no principal who would allow and so the board to try and conduct their business in this environment is impossible," said Weir.

Over in Leander Independent School District, its board is facing similar disruptions, multiple times they would have to go into recess in order to calm things down. 

"Right now it seems that discussion part where we have an exchange of ideas that part of the dialogue seems to be lost right now," said Trish Bode the Leander ISD School Board President.

Both Bode and Weir said it’s one thing to disagree with the board but disrupting meetings is preventing key issues within the district from being addressed.

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