Central Texas school districts partner with E3 Alliance to create advanced courses for students

Students who take higher level math are proven to have better odds at graduating, going to college, landing a living wage job, says E3 Alliance.

The organization is teaming up with Central Texas school districts to create solutions and systems so students have that option of taking these courses.

"[It’s] setting them up for success," said Round Rock ISD parent John Jackson.

Jackson believes his children are set up for success, and he says it is all thanks to the advanced math classes they are taking provided by both the school district and E3 Alliance.

"E3 Alliance has been giving children opportunities to excel, to advance," he said.

E3 Alliance is a data driving education group that has partnered with 15 districts to work towards creating the strongest educational pipeline in the country to benefit students.

"Really for us, it's about putting the right data in the right hands to make decisions and then, you know, really ensure success for all students in the Austin metropolitan area as well as around the state," said Kyle Siepp with E3 Alliance.

By helping districts create new systems and remove barriers for advanced math classes, the group believes it gives more students the opportunity to take those classes and succeed in the long run.

"If we can have a student complete at least one college level math class while in K through 12, they can have up to a 60% chance of actually completing a post-secondary certificate and college programs," said Audrey Selden, Equity Facilitator with NAPE.


One school doing this is Round Rock ISD’s Hopewell Middle School.

"The reason why we started was because we were seeing that the more competitive colleges were requiring five years of high school math credit and so we wanted to make sure that our students would have the same opportunities as any other student out there," said Principal Lynda Garinger.

Over a three-year span, E3 Alliance data reveals Round Rock ISD was able to get 75% of their fifth and sixth graders into an advanced level math course. "Math is a key component. It will really broaden the career opportunities for each and every student. This is really important because we want every student to have access and opportunity to earn that living wage," said Selden.

The advanced math courses are open to all students interested and the teamwork of E3 and school districts creates a system that makes it easier for students to make the transition into it and stick with it.

"Students who thought that they weren't good at math, students who thought that they would never be able to have a high school math credit in middle school, have it, and for them to have that just that that that confirmation of their ability, I think has will help them through high school and hopefully even through college as well. It’s huge," said Garinger.

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