Central Texas sees a spike in critically injured first responders this year

Central Texas is seeing a spike in the number of first responders critically injured in the line of duty. According to the 100 Club, the number of Austin police officers injured just last month is what they typically see across all of Central Texas in a year.

Four police officers have been critically injured in the line of duty across Central Texas this year.

Three from Austin and one from San Marcos.

The 100 club said on average they only see two or three for the entire year. “It's very high, I think it's unprecedented,” said Jim Orr the Vice Chair of the 100 Club.

This week the nonprofit visited an Austin police officer who was struck by an alleged drunk driver while directing traffic following a UT game in August. “He seems to be doing as well, as to be expected with a broken hip. That's not an easy injury for anybody to recover from, so he's doing well,” said Orr.

According Orr this injury was one of three incidents that happened to officers during the month of August. “Typically it's two to three for the entire year,” said Orr.

He said the other critically injured officers in Austin they've helped with in August include; an officer who fell while chasing a suspect, and another injury in a traffic incident. “The 100 Club pays out immediate benefits as soon as the family is ready to have us over,” said Orr.

Orr said they recently checked in on San Marcos officer, Claudia Cormier.

She was struck by a drunk driver while removing debris off I-35 in May. Officer Cormier lost her leg as a result. “It was very enlightening, she was ironing clothes when they showed up, so she's going about her life, and she is determined to rejoin San Marcos PD at the earliest point,” said Orr.

Officer Cormier stopped by the capitol Wednesday where she was honored by the state with the Star of Texas award, the award honoring first responders injured or killed in the line-of-duty. The 100 Club said when they see a spike in critically injured first responders, it's usually tied to a single incident.

This year these have all been separate incidents.



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