Central Texas weather: Storm damage in Bastrop County

Storms that blew through Thursday night knocked out power, blew off roofs and caused flooding in neighborhoods across Central Texas.

In Bastrop County, strong winds damaged properties.

Residents saw wind speeds up to 55 miles per hour and mothball-sized hail.

"It sounded like a freight train was just coming through our house. And it happened as quick as it came. Like there was no warning whatsoever. Like our phones didn't go off. There was no heavy rain or anything. It was just like, super loud all of a sudden. Wow. And it lasted about five minutes, and then it was just a lot of rain. And then it just for us, it was like chaos," said Bastrop resident Kelsey Abreo.

A chicken coop was flipped upside down in Paige. (Debbie Barrington)

The Abreo family says winds knocked down a lot of trees in the area and they lost a lot of carports, but they are thankful no one was hurt.

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A tractor barn was damaged in Paige. (Debbie Barrington)

At the height of the storm, about 4,000 customers were without power. As of Friday morning, Oncor says the number is down to about 400 customers.

South of Elgin. (Sherri Fisher)