Changes for Cap Metro starting this weekend

Starting January 10th new routes and rules are coming to Cap Metro.  Below you will find the major changes in a statement from Capitol Metro...


Cap Metro's January service changes will start on January 10. Changes to the services, the agency says, are introduced three times a year.

Below are the routes that will be affected:

MetroRapid 801 & 803

Frequency will be improved between 10-11 a.m. on Saturdays, from every 30 minutes to every 20 minutes.

Capital Metro will implement minor schedule adjustments along Routes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 37, 100, 111, 127, 300, 323, 325, 331, 350, 383, 392, 481, 483, 484, 485, 486, 670, 671, 672, 680, 982, 985, 987 and MetroRail in order to improve service and maintain reliability.

Route 110 South Central Flyer:
At Slaughter Lane, the route will move from Palace Parkway to United Kingdom. The change to routing will improve trip directness and provide closer access to new developments. Existing bus stops along the route will not change.

Route 214 Northwest Feeder:
The route will continue east along Lakeline Blvd to Staked Plains Blvd. The change to the routing will improve customer access to the H-E-B Plus located at Lakeline and Research. Westbound routing will remain unchanged.

Route 233 Far Northeast Feeder

In partnership with the Travis County Commissioner's Court, Capital Metro will begin service on a new route in northeast Austin. The new route will serve portions of Loyola, Johnny Morris, Daffan and Decker seven days a week. The Far Northeast Feeder will also connect with the Springdale Shopping Center, Garcia Middle School, Oak Crest Community, Decker Elementary School, Eagles Landing Community and the Gardens of Decker Lake. A major transfer point will be accessible at the Springdale H-E-B, connecting to Routes 20 Manor/Riverside, 37 Colony Park/Windsor Park, 237 Northeast Feeder and 323 Anderson. The service change will result in an expansion of the MetroAccess ADA service area.

Information on the January 2016 Service Changes, as well as route schedules and maps, can be found online and in the Destinations schedule book, available for $3 at the Capital Metro Transit Store, located in downtown Austin at 209 West 9th Street. The guide can be downloaded at no cost on the Capital Metro website.

Additional details of the Capital Metro service change process can be found on the January 2016 Service Change webpage, by calling the GO Line at 512-474-1200 or by viewing this video.

Capital Metro routinely checks passes to ensure fair payment and judicious use of public funds for bus and rail services. Under the current fare evasion policy, riders who do not present a valid fare when asked are issued a citation by an Austin Police Department officer, resulting in a misdemeanor criminal offense, with fines up to $500.

Beginning Sunday, Jan. 10, riders without a valid fare will receive a $75 administrative fine from a Capital Metro fare enforcement officer, payable to Capital Metro. Failure to pay within 30 days could result in a Class "C" misdemeanor Municipal Court fine up to $500.

Riders issued the $75 administrative fine may pay online, by mail or in person at the Transit Store, located at 209 West 9th Street. For more information, visit or call the GO Line at 512-474-1200.


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