Derek Chauvin Trial: Who are the selected jurors?

The full jury has been seated in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged in the death of George Floyd. Opening statements in the trial will begin Monday, March 29 at 9 a.m.

Fifteen jurors were selected, although only 14--12 jurors and two alternates--will actually hear the case. The 15th juror will be dismissed on Monday unless one of the other selected jurors drops out, Judge Peter Cahill said. 

Selected jurors so far

The jury consists of six men and nine women. Nine of the jurors are white, four are Black and two identify as mixed or multiracial. Four of the jurors are in their 20s, three are in their 30s, three are in their 40s, four are in their 50s and one is in their 60s. 

Derek Chauvin trial jury

Fifteen jurors have been seated in the Derek Chauvin trial, although only 14 (12 jurors and two alternates) will hear the case.

Juror No. 2 

  • White man in his 20s
  • Chemist, told the court he is passionate about his work and considers himself a logical person
  • Has not seen any of the videos of Floyd’s deadly arrest, but he did visit the memorial at 38th and Chicago with his fiancé  

Juror No. 9

  • Mixed/multiracial woman in her 20s, originally from northern Minnesota
  • Said she was excited to be summoned for jury duty, especially once she found out which case it involved
  • Described her personality as a "go with the flow" type 

Juror No. 19

  • White man in his 30s
  • Auditor, described himself as honest and straightforward
  • Has a friend who is a Minneapolis police officer, but has not talked to him about the case or seen him since the pandemic began 

Juror No. 27 

  • Black man in his 30s
  • Works in IT management
  • Immigrated to the U.S. about 14 years ago, moved to U.S. in 2012
  • Married, no children
  • Prosecutors asked him what he thinks of the "defund police" movement. He indicated he opposes the idea.

Juror No. 44 

  • White woman in her 50s 
  • Single mom of two teenage boys 
  • C-level type executive in the nonprofit sector with a focus on healthcare
  • Has had some contact with Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison during advocacy work 
  • Says she has some empathy for the officers and for George Floyd, telling the court, "I’m sure his death is not something anyone intended to happen." 

Juror No. 52

  • Black man in his 30s
  • Coaches youth sports, works in banking
  • Wrote in his jury questionnaire that he wondered why other police officers at the scene did not intervene in the deadly arrest. He recognizes the historic nature of the case.

Juror No. 55

  • White woman in her 50s
  • Single parent
  • Works in health care
  • She reported being uncomfortable with nearby rioting last year that encroached on her neighborhood. She says she couldn't watch the full George Floyd video because it was disturbing. 

Juror No. 79

  • Black man in his 40s
  • Married and has a child
  • Works in management
  • Knows about the Minneapolis settlement with the Floyd family, but said it does not affect his view

Juror No. 85

  • Mixed/multirace woman in her 40s
  • Married and has a young child
  • Works as a consultant
  • Knows about the Minneapolis settlement with the Floyd family but said it does not affect her view

Juror No. 89

  • White woman in her 50s
  • Lives alone in Edina
  • Cardiac care nurse that has worked with ventilator patients
  • Has heard about the settlement with the Floyd family but says she can remain impartial

Juror No. 91

  • Black woman in her 60s
  • Retired grandmother
  • Volunteers with children in her spare time
  • Used to live 10-15 block away from 38th and Chicago but no longer frequents the area

Juror No. 92

  • White woman in her 40s
  • Works in insurance
  • Says she is family-oriented and has a bachelor's degree
  • Says she has favorable views of both Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter

Juror No. 96 

  • White woman in her 50s 
  • Works for a business damaged in last year’s riots, not far from the MPD Third Precinct
  • Says she knows of the $27 million civil settlement 
  • Has a passion for working with people experiencing homelessness and affordable housing

Juror No. 118

  • White woman in her 20s
  • Social worker
  • Recently married

Juror No. 131

  • White man
  • Married
  • Accountant

Judge Cahill told the selected jurors to go home and not to do any reading or research about the case. They will report back to the courthouse at 9 a.m. on Monday. 

Each prospective juror was assigned a randomized number when they filled out the 14-page questionnaire, which asked them about their knowledge of the case, police connections and attitudes towards the justice system as well as their media habits.