Cherokee County man teaching rescue puppy to become service dog

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A Cherokee County man with disabilities opted for a rescue when searching for the perfect future service dog. 

Lance, a German Shepherd and Chow Mix, is currently learning how to help his owner, Shannon Rankins.

"He's actually been doing a lot of stuff and in six weeks time," Rankins said. "I'm proud of his progress."  

Typically, full-blooded breeds are taught as service dogs, but puppy Lance is a rescue from Releash Atlanta.

Rankins has a condition that makes his bones snap easily. He's broken bones more than 100 times over the years.

"I wanted to make his life better, and I know Lance will make my life better, helping me manage my pain through his companionship, along with helping to retrieve items,"  Rankins explained.

Rankins said he's very serious about Lance's training. If not done right, he risks a lot of broken bones if they encounter a situation where Lance doesn't do as he's been taught.