Child hit by 18-wheeler on US 290, near Elgin

A six-year-old Elgin ISD student was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon after being hit by an 18-wheeler on U.S. 290 near Christenen Road east of Elgin Tuesday afternoon, says his family.

A family member said the boy is still in shock and was telling his father he thought it was a dream.

“No he has no broken bones, yes he has been talking,” the boy’s cousin Gabriela Huitron Ovalle said. “He has the neck brace, no injuries and only had scratches like he fell off a bike.”

Ovalle said the boy had been attending Elgin Elementary for summer school and that he does have a wheel mark on his stomach.

According to the Elgin Fire Department, an 18-wheeler went around a stopped Elgin ISD bus, clipping the bus and hitting the child, however the Texas Department of Public Safety and Elgin ISD both say the bus and the 18-wheeler did not make contact at all.

The boy was awake and conscious, but was still airlifted as a precaution. Fire officials say the boy did not seem to be in critical condition at the time.

Elgin ISD Superintendent Dr. Jodi Duron issued a statement on the incident: 

DPS said the call came in at 4:12 p.m.

DPS said the driver of the 18-wheeler didn't realize the bus had stopped so they swerved into the shoulder/ditch area and blew the horn. The child tried to run but was clipped by the front end of the truck. DPS also stated the bus was stopped with all its lights active.

The 18-wheeler did not flee the scene.

Westbound traffic on 290 was closed for approximately an hour and a half but has since opened back up.