Children's hospital overwhelmed with Valentine's greetings for patients amid viral tweet

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Cincinnati Children's hospital received an outpouring response after a viral tweet urged people to send digital love to its tiny patients for Valentine's Day.

The day of love is around the corner and to bring a little extra love to their patient's, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has asked people to fill out an online form where they can send a Valentines' Day greeting to a child staying at the facility.  

And with help from Twitter user @JordanCaudill_ the message quickly spread throughout the internet. Jordan tweeted the following: 

"The Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has a program that allows anyone to fill out a form online to send a Valentine's Day greeting to a child staying at the hospital. The "cards" are then distributed to all of the patients in the hospital."


Since then the website has seen a " higher than normal volume of visitors" and they've had to clarify that upon sending a greeting, some users may get an error message. But they should not worry because the hospital will still get the love note.