Christopher Taylor trial: Judge denies change of venue motion

On Friday, a Travis County judge decided that Austin Police Officer Christopher Taylor’s murder trial will remain in Travis County, despite the motion for a change of venue from the defense.

Officer Taylor is accused of killing Michael Ramos unjustifiably during an officer-involved shooting in 2020.

Judge Dayna Blazey held a hearing Thursday on a change of venue motion filed previously by the Taylor’s defense team. The defense claimed if the trial were to stay in Travis County, Taylor would not receive a fair trial with an impartial jury.

According to Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza, the last time a change of venue motion was granted in this county was sometime in the 90s.

The defense presented evidence and professional witness testimony in an attempt to prove why this trial should be tried in a county outside Travis County and in a county like San Saba County or Comal County

The defense believes a county outside Austin's media market would produce potential jurors who have not been exposed to pretrial publicity and give Officer Taylor his right to a fair trial.

The defense also brought up previous jury intimidation where some potential jurors had mysterious envelopes placed on their vehicles with a message against Officer Taylor.


The state wants the judge to deny this motion, claiming it lacks merit.

FOX 7 Austin spoke to DA Garza on this motion. He says the trial should stay in Travis County.

"The state is ready to move forward to trial in this case, and we look forward to the opportunity to do that so that our community can weigh in on this set of facts and circumstances and render a judgment, which is their role and responsibility in our criminal justice system," said DA Garza.

Judge Blazey will present her ruling Friday afternoon.