Church holds special service to recognize first responders

They put themselves in harm's way to save us on a daily basis. A church in Weir is thanking first responders for all the work they do.

They held service as usual, but shared a special message to those who put themselves in danger, every day at work.

First Baptist Church of Weir Pastor Michael Delaney wants people to set aside their reservations about the police force and other first responders.

“It bothers me that most of our acquisitions and thoughts about first responders are not good,” Delaney said. “I just want our people to be aware of what our first responders are actually doing.” 

Sunday morning he held a special service, sending a special message to those who give their all for others.

“They actually want to go into burning houses, wanting to come up on a crime scene,” he said.

The pastor says in light of recent events with officers he felt it was a good time to highlight the good.

“When somebody else wants to be as brash and accentuate the squeaky wheel, that bad thing, I want to be just as brash, just as confrontational or effervescent to point out the good,” he said.

Fire chief Charles Frymire says if he had to call 911 to his home to help his family he would want equal treatment.

“I would expect them to do everything they could,” he said.

Although his department has only between 25 and 30 volunteers, he says they give it their all.

“A couple of weeks ago in Thrall we had a 175 acre grass fire on a Sunday afternoon It was all volunteers out there plus we had some paid departments to help,” he said.

Pastor Delaney hopes the message can spread, that weir appreciate their heroes.

“It's important to recognize first responders not only police but firefighters, ambulances,” Roger Thompson, Jarrell Police Chief, said.

“We're not different from anybody else we're here to help,” Frymire said.

This first turnout was not as high, but it was the very first one for the church. Pastor Delaney says they will hold this event every last Sunday in September.