Citizen Frustrated by Drug Activity Posts A Sign in His Yard

When citizens want action from a government official, they can call city hall or show up at a government meeting.

There is a homeowner who lives on the northwest side of Atlanta who took a different approach. He created a bold red sign, posted it in his yard with a demand to the mayor to get rid of drug activity.

The city council member from the area, Felicia Moore, has seen the sign and is well familiar with the problem.

Moore remembers early on stumping for votes, shaking hands, and some of that back and forth she say was with dealers who were right on the street.

The veteran council member says she has relayed numerous complaints from citizens to her zone commander. Arrests have been made. Still, she says, it is a problem that is difficult to clean up because she believes landlords look the other way when tenants use their property as a base.