City adopts Aspire Pflugerville 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The Pflugerville City Council has adopted the Aspire Pflugerville 2040 Comprehensive Plan, the city's guidebook for decision-making for the next 20 years.

The plan is used by city council and staff to make decisions about land use, budgeting, development and to identify opportunities for improvement in Pflugerville.

The creation of the Aspire plan began in October 2020 with workshops and surveys for residents to provide feedback on the vision, goals and guiding principles for Pflugerville’s plan, says the city.

In order to complete the plan the city held a series of conversations with the community and staff to determine what the City should focus on to execute the vision of Pflugerville as a "modern and charming community" and as a "vibrant city with a high quality of life that fosters an environment appealing to people from all backgrounds."

The Aspire 2040 Plan includes recommendations and projects for the City to focus upon to reach its goals. 

"New to the 2040 plan is the incorporation of a wellness wheel which features a perspective and focus on true health and wellbeing of Pflugerville’s residents with a focus on people, the residents and bringing all people together," said Assistant City Manager Emily Barron. "Neighborhood vitality is sustained in the plan by setting a foundation of needs and services by neighborhood districts to specifically seek equitable spread of amenities and services."

The concept of a 10-minute neighborhood looks at various neighborhoods and what amenities are within a close radius for residents, says the city. Whether by car or trail, a 10-minute neighborhood provides quick accessibility to local schools, parks, health and service providers, shopping centers, employment options, trails, greet streets and spaces.

Other key recommendations include using city facilities to entice mixed use development that the City desires and needs to serve the growing community. The plan recommends additional policies to create more cohesive and flowing land development patterns and efforts to improve fiscal sustainability through a mix of land uses anticipated by 2040. 


While the recommendations of the Aspire 2040 Plan are varied, the city says they all tie back to six guiding principles:

  1. Diverse and Equitable - Facilitates an achievable quality of life regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, income, and background.
  2. Community Oriented - Provide events, programming and gathering places that serve a diverse population and provide for a family-friendly environment.
  3. Fiscally Responsible- Make sound decisions and prioritize budgets to prepare the City for the future.
  4. Environmentally Sustainable - Protect and preserve the environment, including air quality and water quality for future generations
  5. Safe and Healthy- People feel safe and secure throughout the community.
  6. Economic Opportunities for All - The City welcomes new businesses and supports existing businesses.

To view the Aspire 2040 Comprehensive Plan document online, click here.