City audit report: APD program failing to identify, assist officers

An Austin city auditor's report says an Austin Police Department program is failing to identify officers and get them needed support and training.

The Guidance Advisory Program identifies officers whose work performance may be suffering. It tracks indicators like use-of-force incidents, interal affairs complaints, and use of sick leave.

The goal is to intervene early so that officers can protect Austin safely and effectively. The city auditor report says the GAP system does not effectively identify officers or connect them to existing assistance. 

According to Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon, this may be because the system may not be tracking the right information. In a city hall meeting Wednesday, Chacon said their legacy software is inadequate to track the needed data.

Austin City Council members asked APD to bring them a plan to address the issues. Council member Alison Alter also said legacy systems appear to be causing data collection issues across multiple city departments.

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