City Council to decide on controversial nominee to Public Safety Commission

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Thursday, Austin City Council will vote on Antonio Buehler's nomination to the Public Safety Commission,

37-year-old Buehler isn't shy about speaking out against authorities in Austin.

"It's important that there's a voice for people who want reform and important that there's a voice for people who have been abused by police and a voice for people haven't been served by the city government when it comes to public safety," said Buehler told FOX 7 Monday.

The founder of police watchdog group Peaceful Streets Project had a federal lawsuit against the Austin Police Department. It stemmed from Buehler's arrest on New Year's Day in 2012 when police charged him for recording a woman getting arrested on 6th Street. Buehler was later acquitted of the charge.

"He has been known to harass our officers. We believe in dissension, but he takes it to another level," said Ken Cassady, president of the Austin Police Association.

A video obtained by FOX 7 from the Austin Police Association shows Buehler in a confrontation with what he believes is an undercover officer. Buehler said videos showing him acting like an antagonist are few and far between and only a response to what he calls police bullying.

Soon calling out police for policy he disagrees with might not be just a hobby, it could be his obligation.

"We're kind of impressed with his background about being a decorated combat veteran, West Point graduate and graduate of Stanford business school," said Austin City Councilman, District 6 Don Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is so impressed he nominated Buehler to the Austin Public Safety Commission. That's something Cassady isn't happy about.

"It's just this one specific person who shows a bias against the police department and we don't believe can be neutral in any situation concerning the police department," said Cassady.

Police will have at least one more confrontation with Buehler on Thursday when the Austin Police Association fights against his nomination at the City Council meeting.