City of Austin asks residents for feedback on the Hancock Golf Course

The City of Austin is asking residents to provide feedback on what they would like to see the city do with the Hancock Golf Course. There is a short online survey on the city's website where residents can share their opinions. 

At this time, the historic 45-acres of land in Central Austin is a pay station operation 7 days a week with no pro shop operations and walking only. The city says the golf course, as is, is not financially sustainable.

In February, the city announced it may move forward with a plan that could lease the land to a private company.


Since 2012, despite making improvements, there is still more than $100,000 worth of funds needed for it to be fully operational. That’s why the Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is considering turning operations over to a private company that would turn the space into a modern golf learning facility.

But, that idea has mixed reactions.

"If you engage the Austin community, they say the same thing, don’t let the land be privatized and open it up as a public park and green space," said Adam Sparks, head of the Hancock Conservancy.

Sparks said the space has the potential to be something even greater.

"Hancock has the opportunity one of the gems of the Austin park systems," he said. "It will be Zilker, then it will be Hancock Park. It is an amazing plot of land with rolling hills and trees and wildlife. We want to expand on that."

Founded in 1899 by Lewis Hancock, former mayor of Austin from 1895-1897, the Hancock Golf Course stands today as one of the oldest golf courses in the state of Texas, according to the City of Austin. The old course is relatively short by modern standards, featuring small, well-manicured greens that are carried up and down hills over beautiful Waller Creek.

Click here if you would like to provide your feedback to the City of Austin.