City of Austin to vote on short-term rentals

The debate surrounding short-term rentals echoed in the city council chambers this afternoon. The council took a vote on certain changes to the system, including stricter rules.

This conversation all began when neighbors complained about loud parties and disturbances in their neighborhoods. They asked for new rules and council member Kathie Tovo, District 9, has been a catalyst for amendments.

Thursday, the council approved more inspections for short-term rentals during application or renewal processes. They also approved a prohibition on clustering, or too many rental homes within a certain area.

Supporters and opponents made their testimonies today and the council says no matter what is decided, not everyone will be completely happy.

"I would say immediately suspend issuing anymore type two rentals. I'm not trying to ban homeowners from a couple times a year renting out their homes," said Tovo.

But not everybody agrees. Taylor Perkins, a supporter of short-term rentals, says suspending short-term rental applications is not a fair process. 

"Regulations proposed by councilwoman Tovo to basically challenge the entire industry as a whole and all owners for a handful of bad actors, is not fair," said 

Many other items regarding short-term rentals remain on the agenda, some were tabled for later in the evening.