City places walking path signs at busy intersections near homeless camps

The city installed new signs at two South Austin underpasses to encourage people not to block the walking paths that are heavily traveled by pedestrians and have several homeless tents.

The design of the signs is simple with arrows paired with a person walking. The city began installing these symbols early Tuesday morning at the Ben White and Manchaca and the Ben White and Pack Saddle underpasses. Both areas have homeless camps nearby.

Darroll Paiga travels this area often and before the city put down these signs he says it was difficult for people to walk through because of the tents.

“Looked like several homeless people trying to create a shelter or existence right off the main road,” said Paiga.

The city's transportation department who placed the signs said they're merely to remind people that the area is frequently used by pedestrians and they would rather not have something in the way.

Paiga said moving the tents back in that area would be better for not only those walking but also those in the tents as he doesn't feel camping next to a busy road to be safe.

“When I walk here, cars are zooming by right by me," Paiga said. "It makes me very cautious as I was walking along."

These new signs aren't the only thing the city is doing in the area. A notice from the city was placed saying they will be cleaning it out this week. Right now it's not known if the recent addition of these signs and the cleanup are related.