City reassures Del Valle flood victims

Two weeks after the Halloween floods, one Del Valle neighborhood feels not enough is being done to help their situation. Today they held a town hall meeting to discuss their options. Okon Ebre remembers vividly, the morning of the flood.

“I woke up around 12:30, 12:15, and I found myself on top of water in the house,” Ebre said.

Now, two weeks later, like many others in the Los Cielos neighborhood, it's left him without a home.

“The house is in bad shape,” he said.

The town hall meeting Saturday brought out many who are looking for some help.

“The area we live in was not in a flood zone, and we've never had anything like flood insurance,” Ebre said.

The city was there to answer the calls for help with free permits to repair homes, but residents say the biggest need is money.

“Our subdivision is a middle-class income family and we don't have the excess amount of money sitting in the bank to be able to go in and repair a home,” Trish Burton, neighborhood association president, said.

There was clothing, and food for those who need it at the meeting. District Two councilwoman Delia Garza was there to assure everyone that she is doing the best she can for her district. She says she's walked door to door around Los Cielos.

“I've just been amazed by the kindness of people. You knock on one door and say do you need help and they say well my neighbor was hurt more go and help my neighbor. Then that neighbor says the same thing,” Garza said.

As Del Valle waits for word from F.E.M.A. about funding for repairs, they will try their best to get things back to normal.

“People are trying to keep an upbeat attitude,” Burton said.

“I hope the government will do something,” Ebre said.

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