City to replace Govalle Pool with modern pool, facility

Pete Rivera and his brother often reflect on the many years they spent on the eastside at Govalle Neighborhood Park pool. But it's been shut down for two swimming seasons, because of extensive leaks. “It really matters to me because that's where I learned how to swim. We have memories of blood, sweat and tears that we've gone through trying to enjoy the facilities there,” said Rivera, president of the Springdale-Airport Neighborhood Association.

Parks and Recreation officials say an assessment identified Govalle and six other pools as in critical condition. Shipe and Govalle Park pools were the ones shut down. “We were funded with a one-time capital project to replace the pool with a new facility,” said Jodie Jay, with PARD Aquatics Division.

Thursday, city council approved moving forward with the nearly 4 million project.

Officials say it will be demolished and replaced by a more modern pool and facility.

“..A lot of shade ,great changing rooms, nice comfortable a/c space for lifeguards to be,” said Jay in discussing the new facility.

For Rivera it's a win for his community.

“Our pool will help kind of fit in for people who are having their pools closed too,” said Rivera.

For the city keeping Austin’s pools functioning is not only important for city operations, but it's crucial to keeping a community together. “Everybody is going in 100,000 different directions but it's nice when you can stop and enjoy the outdoors with your family and this is one way to do it,” said Jay.

The pool will open in summer 2019.