City want's community input on $3.9 billion budget

The new City Manager Spencer Cronk has been in office for three months, currently he's working to meet with each district to go over the city's budget for the year.

He said the goal of the meetings is to better prioritize how to spend tax payer money and to increase community involvement. 

This year the city's current budget is $3.9 billion dollars, the money goes towards paying for services that keeps the city running. It provides services ranging from public safety and mobility, to parks and recreation and animal services.

However, before moving forward, the city wanted to hear from the community. 

Kimberly Johnson resides in District one and came out to have her voice heard.

"Safety in my local neighborhood park. What concerned me is even though they had a great trail there wasn't enough lighting so as a female I'm apprehensive," said Johnson. 

The meeting also offered the dozen or so people the opportunity to formally meet the new City Manager - Spencer Cronk. Johnson said it was important for her to personally meet Cronk. "This is my opportunity to put names to faces to people who are making changes in my city and in my community," said Kimberly Johnson. 

Several posters were on display to help community members understand city spending. 

If they weren't comfortable speaking up, attendees were able to write down their suggestions.

"We want people to be more involved in the budget process I was thrilled to be here we are just starting this and we are in the beginning stages of our budget development," said Cronk. 

A citywide budget meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 15 and is open to public.