Clintons discuss new book, encourage women to vote and turn Texas blue

Protestors welcomed attendees of the Clinton promotional book event with Trump 2020 shirts and anti-Hillary signs. Meanwhile a line of people wrapped around the building to see Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton speak about "The book of Gutsy Women."

Allen Daves carried his Vote for Trump proudly. “It's a time to demonstrate our support for somebody besides Clinton and the other socialists running for president," Daves said.

The pushback was off-putting for some attendees. Dana Shapiro Speath was eager to hear the mother and daughter duo discuss their book and did not expect anti-Hillary sentiment. "I think everybody is excited to be here and read the book and their sort of being a downer I think," she said.

The Rosenblatt family has idolized the Clinton women for some time. Lexi Rosenblatt wrote a letter to the First Woman Presidential candidate when she lost the 2016 election. "I wrote to her about what could've happened, how I was disappointed and how I thought we could keep trying," Rosenblatt said.

In the front row sat a row of girl scouts sporting their green vests. Marianne Thomas from Barton Hills Elementary said Hillary was a girl scout too. Each scout came to see the former first lady speak for a different reason. "She was such a good role model for pretty much everyone," said Zoe Ruben.

Clinton said the book was a conversation she and Chelsea have had since she was a little girl, highlighting iconic women and telling stories of their courage and resilience. During the discussion, a protestor began yelling attempting to interrupt Hillary. The crowd stood and clapped so loud no one could hear what the protestor was saying. He was then escorted out of the building by police.

Hillary Clinton went on to speak about standing up against the bullies and the need to vote. "It's going to be women who win the next election it's going to be women turning out, women supporting women,” Clinton said.

Clinton shared her support for the impeachment inquiry and Beto O’ Rourke who stepped down from the presidential campaign this week. Clinton urged Texans to vote in hopes of getting more Democrats in office. "I am one of those people who think that we could really win some important races here in Texas and send more democrats to congress to the statehouse the legislature and judges," Clinton said.