Coffee prices skyrocketing for customers, roasters: ‘Everybody’s basically taking a hit’

Your next cup of coffee is going to cost you.

"We’re not making any money on the drip coffees anymore because the cost of coffee has gone up so much," said Victor’s Celtic Café owner Andrea Parrish. 

Roasted coffee prices haven't spiked this much since 2012. Parrish is already trying to manage those increasing costs. 

"We’ve increased prices 6% over the last two weeks," Parrish said. "Everybody’s basically taking a hit."

Frank Curtiss and his wife come to Victor’s once a week. They’ve noticed their coffee is more expensive.  

"If it keeps going at some kind of rate like this, eventually it would have to factor in for us," Curtiss said. 

With costs going up, more people are making their own coffee to save money. 

"They’re buying a really nice machine and buying a really good roasted coffee and brewing at home," said Caffé Lusso Owner Philip Meech.  

Customers aren’t the only ones feeling the heat. Coffee is getting more expensive for roasters.

"With where prices are going right now, our monthly average of cost might go up six to eight thousand dollars," Meech said. 

Roasters are trying hard not to pass costs to their customers. Parrish told FOX Business that Victor’s is changing things up to bring in more revenue.  

"Merchandising," Parrish said. "Uber Eats. Uber to go. The local art shows. Having live music. Attracting more customers in different ways."