Collin County assisted living worker lied about nursing credentials, allegedly assaulted patient

Collin County Sheriff's Deputies say a caregiver lied about her credentials and posed as a registered nurse at an assisted living facility, then assaulted a 91-year-old.

Glenda Basanes, 44, is charged with injuring the elderly and violating nursing regulations. Investigators say she posed as a registered nurse at loving care home from March 2019 until June and assaulted at least two people during her short time there.

According to public records, Basanes does not hold any healthcare certifications in the State of Texas.

Collin County Sheriff’s investigators say Basanes, accused of assault, was actually arrested at the assisted living facility when she went to pick up her last check.

“We actually had 3 different reports comes in from various family members of folks living there,” said Capt. Nick Bristow, Collin County Sheriff's Office.

A short time after starting at the Allen facility on March 4, Basanes allegedly assaulted a 91-year-old patient. She's also accused of assaulting the co-owner, who spoke to FOX4 by phone.

“Things were happening when she was there so things just started to come together. As soon as we heard of the actions that she did on our resident we immediately let her go and contacted police immediately,” Kelly Sparks said.

Basanes initially applied for a "caregiver" job in March, but during the job interview said she was a registered nurse. Sparks says Basanes gave her a license number which they tried to verify with the Texas Board of Nursing, but found no match.

“We plugged it in but nothing came up, but at that time they were busy switching over the website to a new website,” Sparks said.

Despite no confirmation of a license, Basanes was able to begin giving around-the-clock care to some 10 to 12 patients. Sparks says she tried several times to get a copy of Basanes' license from her but kept getting the run-around.

During her arrest, detectives found some $50,000 worth of counterfeit bills in her purse along with a controlled substance – THC oil.

Sparks says the facility has put new policies and procedures in places to make sure this doesn't happen again.

“We just feel so terrible that we would bring somebody like this into their lives, but she was clearly a master manipulator and good at what she was doing,” Sparks said.

Basanes is being held at the Collin County Jail on $65,000 bond.