Colorado voter in labor drops off ballot en route to hospital

A Colorado couple who were preparing for the arrival of their first baby didn’t let early labor pains stop them from casting their votes on Friday, as they made a quick pit stop to drop off their ballots before continuing on to the hospital.

Sosa Adelstein and Max Brandel, who were expecting their baby girl to arrive on Election Day, packed their bags and headed to the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office where they dropped off their ballots and posed for a quick photo, The Daily Camera reported.

“We rushed over and voted, and now we are at the hospital,” Brandel told the news outlet on Friday. “She is doing good, I’m really proud of her. She is doing great so far.”

Mircalla Wozniak, Boulder County spokeswoman, confirmed the couple did stop while Adelstein battled through labor pains and took a photo at the office’s “selfie station.”

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