Colton Turner's biological father hopes to make Colton's Law a reality

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Colton Turner's biological father, Brandon Pelfrey, is speaking out for the first time.

The toddler was found in a shallow grave in east Austin in early September. Pelfrey's name had been left off of the child's birth certificate. His mother Meagan Work and her boyfriend Michael Turner are being charged in connection with his death

Pelfrey was at the state capitol in Austin Thursday. He's joining forces with what would seem like an unexpected ally to fight for justice in the memory of his son

Pelfrey and Meagan Work's aunt Raquel testified in front of a panel of state representatives. Their testimony is related to all of the state agencies that have been under legislative review.

The Department of Family and Protective Services is one of those agencies. Pelfrey and Helfrich came together to rally support for Colton's Law.

If written and passed, Colton's Law would provide a safety net for unlocatable children like Colton Turner. It would mandate that state law enforcement bypass jurisdictional laws to find these kids. Meaning if the parent can't be found locally, state law enforcement would find them, and then send the case back to local cps.

"I want to be able to get Colton's Law because of the fact that we have the ability and the power actually be able to find the kids and get justice for them and get what they deserve instead of it turning out to the same outcome as Colton," Pelfrey said.

This element is significant. As the CPS report on the toddler has shown, on at least two occasions he and his mother Meagan Work could not be found.

Because Pelfrey is not on the birth certificate, he had no legal parental rights unless he went to court.

Both he and Meagan's family say finding this child was a race against time. And as we know now - their time ran out

"It's not Meagan's family and it's not just my family, it's Colton's family. We are all together. It's for all of us"

They hope to get the law written in time for January's legislative session.

You can learn more about Colton's Law by clicking here.