Strangers rally to restore boy's stolen comic books inherited from late father

Makari Williams, 4, inherited his late father's extensive comic book collection, but it was stolen in a home burglary. (Credit: Amy Williams)

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, a Nevada boy is receiving a plethora of comic books after his late father's comic book collection was stolen in a home burglary. 

His mother, Amy Williams, said her husband, Johnny Williams Jr., died in 2022 from a heart attack. 

Johnny left behind his extensive comic book collection to their son, Makari, who is 4 years old. The collection contained more than 400 books with some dating back to the 1940s. Some featured "Spider-Man," "Daredevil," and "The Hulk." Johnny even had a YouTube channel dedicated to talking about comic books. 

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Part of Johnny's extensive comic book collection.  (Amy Williams )

But back in May, Amy said the comic books were stolen in a home burglary while she was out of town.

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She reached out to police and the investigation is still ongoing. 


Johnny Williams, Jr. read a comic book to his son. (Credit: Amy Williams)

In the meantime, strangers have sent comic books to Makari helping him to rebuild the comic book collection. More than 100 books have poured in and the furthest has come from Hawaii. 

One man, Philip Rabon, drove from Phoenix to Las Vegas to personally deliver comic books to Makari. 

Amy said Makari now tells people, "My Daddy’s comic book collection was stolen, but some nice people are rebuilding my collection."

"I am just so blessed by the love to my family," Amy told FOX Television Stations. 

Amy also said she's working with the comic book company to find the serial numbers of the comic books in hopes they will be traced and help solve the crime.

She has also created a GoFundMe page. She also would like the public's help in retrieving the stolen comic books, even asking those to contact her at 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.