Community members gather for vigil honoring Uvalde and Buffalo victims

The Interfaith Action of Central Texas held an interfaith vigil to honor the victims of the Uvalde and Buffalo shootings. 

"It's really an outrage to see this happening," Islam Mossaad, imam (leader) with the North Austin Muslim Community Center, said.

The event brings together people of all backgrounds.

"I think it's important that we speak with one voice, against gun violence, against anger and rage that gets out of control," Mossaad said. 

He shares some of his own thoughts on the shootings. 

"I grew up in the AISD school district, we never grew up thinking twice someone could come in and shoot up a school. Now my daughters are asking me, 'are we next, is it going to happen to us?' It's really devastating to know this is what's going through the minds of children and parents," he said.

Organizers say the vigil is space for people to mourn together and take action like writing letters to lawmakers on gun control.

Doing something about the issue of gun violence is something echoed by leaders across different faiths. 

"As people of faith, we're also called to action," Mossaad said.

"This is a human issue, in fact in my mind it's a spiritual issue, it's a public health issue," Pastor Jospeh Parker at David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church said. 

"My hope is that those who gather, whether they gather online or here with us, will know that they're not alone," Rev. Eileen O'Brien at St. James' Episcopal Church said.

Organizers say they wanted to do the vigil Thursday ahead of the NRA Convention in Houston this weekend.