Community working to keep East Austin mural in honor of Andre Davis

Thursday was the first time Andre Davis Jr. visited Givens Park since his father's tragic death last month. “The night he passed, I sat out here throughout the whole night just so his spirit knew I was with him as much as he'd be with me. That's my dad, he never let me fall,” said Davis.

Andre "Big Dre" Davis was shot and killed during a robbery in early April.  

For his son, it has been an agonizing three weeks.

"Everything has been a reminder of my dad, every little thing,” said Davis.

He arrived at Givens Park to see a mural painted on the bathroom. It pictures Andre Sr. and others who lost their lives to violence. More artwork is planned to be added.

“The gun violence is definitely an issue but the mural is not there to represent ‘oh we lost someone we love due to gun violence.’ The mural is there to represent what my dad did for the community and the people he brought together in the community,” said Davis.

The City of Austin says the artist did not ask for permission to paint. Technically the art is considered graffiti. But they want to work with the community.

They sent FOX 7 Austin this statement reading in part:

“We are not going to wait for them to give us a chance to put our culture in our city where we live, and bring us back to love one another, we are going to do it ourselves. This is our way of doing it,” said Cluren Williams, friend of Andre Davis Sr.

The fact the city is willing to preserve the mural is welcome words for all who loved “Big Dre.”

“The mural represents everything my father was, it doesn't represent how he ended,” said Davis. 

Davis’ killer is still on the loose. If you have any information that can lead to an arrest, call the Austin Police Department at 512-472-TIPS. Tips can be anonymous.



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