Company offers ‘Greengotts Goblins,’ ghosts, wizards to tutor kids in Harry Potter themed lessons

While there’s no polyjuice potion involved, a company is offering “private Gringotts Goblins” to tutor your kid in all manner of subjects, such as math, chemistry and English.

Exam Papers Plus is a private home tutoring and education company hoping to share the real magic of learning by giving parents the chance to hire goblins and wizards to tutor children. The famous wizard lookalikes make for the ultimate “Harry Potter”-themed educational experience.

The company launched its “School of Magic” program with the hope of inspiring creativity in education.

“Inspiring children to learn in new ways that capture their imagination has been proven to increase brain development and help memory function,” the company said in a press release.

Children who enter the program can expect a handwritten letter to the school of magic along with wands, capes, spellbooks, potions and afternoon tea.

Available tutors include a chemistry teacher as the “prince of potions,” Severus Snape; Gringotts Goblins who can help with arithmetic and counting gold; and even a ghost to “give your child a 360-degree view of history.”

Bookings for classes begins sometime in the new year, but eager witches and wizards can join the mailing list to know when the service will be available.

Exam Papers Plus is offering parents the chance to hire goblins and wizards to tutor children. (Exam Papers Plus)