Construction of Firefighter Memorial Expansion to get underway

Another controversial item at the Capitol seems to be resolved. It involves the memorial to fallen fire fighters.

The Texas Firemen's and Firemarshall's Association has been working to get the site expanded in order to add more names to it.

Fencing went up this week to start work but getting to this point wasn't easy.

The Association was initially told the project would cost $150,000 but after raising the cash officials at the State Preservation Board said they forgot to tell the association the estimate was off.

The new cost was set at $265,000.

With the preservation board not budging on requiring full payment, Association President Chris Barron told FOX 7's Rudy Koski they borrow $80,000 from a fund that is used to buy firefighting equipment.

This was done because the association wants the expansion completed in time for a March memorial service.

They plan to honor the fire fighters who were killed in the west fertilizer plant explosion.

"We really pushed hard because we wanted 100% of the project completed and we've got to honor those fire fighters, from West and about 11 others fire fighters from around Texas, to make sure they are honored during this Legislative session. Is there some disappointment, bitterness about how this all played out? We were definitely shocked by the news, and the price went up so much and a little disappointed that we were not able to raise the funds in such a short amount of time in order to get the project 100% complete build, but we are going to make it happen and honor those fire fighters right," Barron said.

The association was hoping the contractor would already be doing foundation work but the rainy forecast may be causing a slight delay.

The memorial service is set for March 25th.