Construction worker dead after being robbed on the job

65-year old Felix Serrano doing detail work on a new home being built in the Harris Branch neighborhood on Wednesday. That’s when Austin Police say someone robbed and severely beat him, leaving him for dead.

Someone who lives near the Kirkswald Road home heard noises, and went to the window. That’s when she saw Serrano lying in the front yard. “I've been here 3 years and nothing like this has ever happened around here,” says Juan Escalante. A construction worker who helped to build the homes in the neighborhood. He knew Serrano, “We were coming to do a job next door. When we pulled up, we saw a lot of cops, and the door was open.”

Escalante says Serrano often did construction work alone, “He would get involved with nobody. He minded his own business and we don't know why this happened to him.”

Austin Police believe that was targeted because he was alone, not because someone was out to get him specifically. They won't say if the weapon was a tool he was using or not. They also haven’t said what, if anything was taken. But they are warning anyone who works in construction to be alert.

Escalante says he will be moving forward. Especially because there are many more homes in the neighborhood under construction. “It kind of scares you so now you have to be on the lookout.”

Austin Police say they only description they have of the suspect is that he is “Hispanic, and is thought to have been on foot around the noon hour.” They are asking anyone with information to call 512-477-3588 or submit tips through their mobile app that’s available on the iPhone and Android.

Police  have interviewed people who live in the Harris Branch neighborhood, but they are also looking to hear from anyone who may have seen something around 290 and the intersection where Johnny Morris and Giles meet.